Oscar Party Wine Tags 2015

Here are the updated wine tags with the 2015 nominees for the 87th annual Academy Awards. Enjoy!

Oscar Party Wine Tags 2015 Page 2 Oscar Party Wine Tags 2015


Oscar Party Word Find

Are you ready to test your skills against this year’s word find? My tester reports this year is much easier, what a relief after being truly diabolical in last year’s word find!

Oscar Party Word Find 2014Here’s the Word Find 2014 Answer Key to check your results. As always there are bonus words – can you find all twelve?

For more on how I make this word find, check out my previous post here.



Oscar Party Category Award Winner Game

Oh the Oscars are over?  Well guess what, I didn’t have a chance to get up all the posts about this year’s party so you’re in for more of the same!

Every year I like to create a new game for my guests to play (See some renditions from years past here: Name that Famous Dress, Name that Famous Quote, Name that Oscar Winning Best Picture, Name that Oscar Quote, Name that Famous Quote, etc.) and this year’s game was the easiest one yet!  I did a lottery style category award prize blow out.  Don’t get used to this one friends 🙂 Oscar Category Award Winner Game

To create the game, I first brainstormed prize ideas for each category – Here’s what I came up with:

  • Original & Adapted Screenplays: Moleskine notebooks
  • Visual Effects: Sparkly red mini bottle of nail polish
  • Sound Mixing: Bellini drink mixer
  • Sound Editing: Earrings found on clearance at Target
  • Live Action Short Film, Animated Short Film, Original Score, and Original Song: All these called out to me as $5 Amazon gift cards
  • Production Design: I figure this one is all about setting the scene so I got an inexpensive small metal owl at Hobby Lobby and spray painted him gold – instant tchotchke for a scene.  Plus, who DOESN’T want a gold owl?
  • Makeup and Hairstyling: Sparkly gold mini bottle of nail polish
  • Film Editing: A little pack of goodies to make edits on your life like a Tide pen, individual package of Wet Ones and correction tape
  • Documentary Short: Another notebook to “document” the things in your life
  • Documentary Feature: A notebook that was labeled “The long list”
  • Directing: A golden candle holder and candle….I figure the director is the guiding light of the film?  OK some of these were a stretch…..
  • Costume Design: Recycled from my house: a mardi gras style face mask that I got for a wedding a few years ago that, while beautiful, has just been collecting dust.
  • Animated Feature: coloring book and crayons
  • Best Acting Categories: Mini bottles of champagne
  • Best Picture: A sparkly gold evening bag (it was my splurge!)

Obviously you could go in a million different directions – the idea is to get a small gift for each award.  I tried to stick to about $5 for each gift and the recycling from the house was a win-win.

Then I printed the names of each nominee and tucked into some mini envelopes that I picked up at Envelopes.com.  The envelopes come in every color including a bright red and gold metallic, but I went with basic white.  I printed the category tags  and stuck them to the envelopes. Oscar Category Award Winner Game

There were individual bags for each present – the prize wall looked like a bonanza when the show started!  Good thing my Mother was in town to help me get the cloth bags all sewn before the party…..of course paper gift bags would work just as well. Oscar Category Award Winner Game

When the party started I handed out a few envelopes to each guest – there were over 120 nominees so each person got a lot of chances for a win.

As each category winner was announced people tore into their envelopes to see if they had the winner.  As the night wore on, people started trading envelopes to collect as many as possible for a given category – one person had six shots at Best Picture, but didn’t walk away with the prize.  Oh well, a good time was had by all!

Definitely a fun game/lottery and nifty way to spoil your friends at your party.


Oscar Ballot Categories Printable

I’m working on my mystery game for this year’s party.  Well, it’s not really a game, but I’ll have to post all about it later.  Anyway, I found that I needed a little printable of each of the ballot categories.  These are the same size as the wine charms I posted earlier – print them out and punch them out with a 1 1/2″ circle cutter.

Use them as more wine charms or as adorable cupcake toppers… or for your own mystery game!Oscar Ballot Categories Printable–Martta

Chocolate Oscar Statues: Luster Dust Testing

The chocolate Oscar statues are one of the most memorable treats from at my Oscar Party (You can check out my original post on making them here), they always get lots of oohs and ahhs.  So after years of turning out the same adorable statues, I think it’s time for a little product breakdown. Chocolate Oscar StatuesThis year I’m testing a few different types of luster dusts that are available at my cake decorating store:

Chocolate Oscar StatuesThe color mist offers great coverage, but the color comes out a bit flat and the gold seems to “pool” in some locations which can make it a bit splotchy.

The addition of the luster dusts on top of the color mist gives a solid color and sparkly appearance.  I wasn’t terribly impressed with the Wilton shimmer dust – the statue still looked a bit flat to me.  But both the Sugar Art and CK luster dusts turned out a nice looking statue.  I think the CK luster dust has a very slight edge because the color seems to be just a bit brighter.

Sticking with just the luster dusts alone gives a real depth of color due to the chocolate color coming through.  However, even after several layers of luster dust, I still can’t quite match the bright appearance of the statues that had a coat of the Wilton Color Mist first.

Overall, I think I’ll be going with the Color Mist and CK Luster dust this year – I like this particular combination of solid gold coverage and bright sparkle.

Now to make 40 more…..


Update: My Color Mist didn’t quite hold out for a batch of 40 so you may want to consider more than one can if you are making a lot of statues.