Oscar Party Word Find

Spoiler Alert!  If you’re coming to Oscar Party – don’t read this post!

Because it’s time for me to share this year’s diabolical word find for the 85th annual Academy Awards!  For past year’s word finds and to learn how I make the word find, check out the 2011 and 2012 Oscar Party word finds.

And now on to the show!  Here it is, the 2013 rendition of the Oscar Party word find:Oscar Party Word Find Answers 2013 Oscar Party Word Find 2013

And after you’ve tortured yourself for a bit – here’s the Oscar Party Word Find Answers 2013.  Don’t forget there are ten bonus words that aren’t on the answer sheet – did you get them all??

Mad props to my word find tester, KK, who found, not one but, TWO errors in the first draft of this word find – good thing she’s there to clean it up before you get to it folks 🙂



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