Oscar Party Word Find

Has anyone been waiting to see the Oscar Party Word Find 2015? Well, wait no longer. Here she is in all her glory! Now Liz, I’m depending on you to NOT start working on this before the party.

Oscar Party Word FindTested, but not by my normal reviewer (who is coming to this year’s party in person! Woo Hoo!) so I have no idea how difficult it really is compared to other years. Here are the Oscar Party Word Find Answers 2015 (including the sneaky 10 words NOT in the word bank above!)



2 thoughts on “Oscar Party Word Find

  1. I am going to print this and figure it all out before the party. However it occurs to me that this could be a trick and that you want me to waste my time on this while you create the real word find. Hmmmm

  2. Thank You! I have guests already asking about this years puzzle. We have a fund raising oscar party at our church. This is only the second year, but it’s getting a lot of buzz. I’ve used several of your game ideas! Thank You again for all this hard work.

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