Oscar Party Wine Tags 2015

Here are the updated wine tags with the 2015 nominees for the 87th annual Academy Awards. Enjoy!

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Pattern Review: Insulated Wine Tote

I found this adorable wine tote pattern made by Kathryn Goodman on the Bernina site a few years ago when I was just learning to sew.  It made for a quick homemade project that was spot on with my skill level.

So that Christmas, it was ‘Wine Totes for Everyone!’

Even after making over a dozen of these totes, I still love the pattern.  So when I was searching around for a gift idea for a volunteer board that I head, I immediately thought of this project.  Who doesn’t like a little wine as a thank you for all the hard work you do?  Don’t they look cute all sewn up? 

Just a few tips on this project.  Be generous with the pins in step two when you are basting the exterior fabric to the Insul-Brite.  Otherwise the exterior fabric has a tendency to shift a bit. 

Also plan to be generous with the pins when you attach the interior and exterior. The only issue I have with the pattern is on the handle – and it’s not a deal breaker of an issue.  The pattern calls for a 3″ wide cut on the tote handle.  After sewing the long edges together and pressing opposite edges in 1/2″ the picture in the step shows that the long edges of the fabric are touching but they should be an inch apart if you cut the piece 3″ wide.  I think it’s just a type-o and that you should cut the handle 2″ wide, but if you prefer a wider handle, then keep it at 3″

Happy Sewing!


Painted Wine Glasses

My neighborhood has a book club.

Well, it started as a book club and has evolved (devolved?) into a club where we only read wine labels.  There is no shame in that.  It’s girl time at its best and since it’s in the ‘hood, you just have to walk home 😉

As the neighborhood has grown, so has book club.  In December we had almost 30 people at book club!  As you can imagine, this puts an awful strain on the wine glass supply at any hostess’ house!  It was then that Julie, genius that she is, declared that we needed to have our own wine glasses to bring to book club.

But we couldn’t just have any wine glasses, we need to pimp our wine glasses out!  So we determined that January’s meeting would be a crafting meeting: bring a wine glass, supplies and creativity!

For inspiration, I found some wonderful videos of the Pebeo Vitrea 160 paints as well as more traditional flower painting techniques using glass enamel paints.  We were short on time so the Pebeo Vitrea paints were out and we had to make due with the glass enamels. But for my particular design, it wasn’t a problem.

I picked two blues and a gold for my design.  I came armed with an assortment of paintbrushes and a stylus and I was ready to get to work!

Oh yeah and I also came armed with the biggest wine glass in the place…..I mean if you’re going to have a pimp cup, it needs to be big!

I chose a really simple dot design.  I created three sizes of dots using the back end of my paint brushes and my stylus.  Here I had painted the large dots, medium dots and was just getting started on the small dots in the first color.

Patience and a bit of time later, I had all three colors applied to the glass. 

Now that mine was all set to dry, I could check out everyone else’s creations.  Erica went with the painted flowers  J-Lee did a drip method on her “spider man” wine glass  Sarah used the same method drip method but with translucent enamel paints for a wonderful effect.  And Julie chose to paint words on her glass…..wine themed book titles: A Tale of Two Varietals, War and Pinot, and Around the World in Cabernet to name a few. 

They all turned out pretty darn amazing! Once the paints had dried for 48 hours, it was into the cold oven for a 30 minute baking at 325.  I allowed the glass to cool in the oven and then snapped it up to wash and dry then it and was ready to go!

I can’t wait for the next book club to test out my very own “Big Carl”!


Wine Cork Letter Sign

My husband & I have been saving our wine corks for a few years. Not every cork, but enough to fill a few vases for decoration, and some of the more special corks from when we bought our house, and celebrated birthdays & anniversaries.

When I joined Pinterest, this was one of the first crafts I pinned, and knew I could easily replicate! Here’s the original link: http://www.greenisuniversal-reuse.com/home-decor/monogram-letter-recycled-wine-corks

I purchased the chip board letter at Hobby Lobby for $1.99… full price! If you wait for their sale, you can easily buy this for a buck! I already had a glue gun & plenty of glue sticks, so that made this project practically free. Who doesn’t love that?!

wine cork, letterI dumped a bunch of my corks onto the kitchen table and threw out any that were too damaged or not cork at all. (How did those get in there?!) Then, I very carefully tried to set up each cork for a “dry fit”. Truly, I’m lazy and didn’t want to cut any corks, so this was my way of figuring out the best set up.I loved having some of the red wine stained corks mixed in for visual interest, and with just 2 champagne corks, they made the perfect transition in spacing near the cross bar.

Then, I heated up my trusty glue gun and glued them all in place! I didn’t bother with any glue on the sides of the corks because I was afraid it would be visible. This was so quick and easy… literally, took me about 30 min total to glue them all in place, and that was with interruptions from my 2 kiddos.

Here she is all finished & standing pretty!

Even though my letter stands on her own, I am considered putting some sawtooth hangers on the back & hanging her on the wall. I just need the rest of my photo gallery frames first. 😉 This is also a great solution for those curved letters that may not want to stand alone. Hang with a pretty ribbon, or layer in with other frames and mementos.

I really recommend trying this project for a personalized and very inexpensive piece of home decor. No fancy machines or tools, & I bet your friends would happily save corks for you if you don’t have a ton saved like I did.

Let us know how your letter turns out!



Hosting a Wine Tasting Party

Do you ever wonder where they come up with those shi shi wine descriptions you see on the back of wine bottles?  Are you really tasting the hints of peach and tropical fruit when you drink that wine?  My friend Cheryl and I decided to host a wine tasting to put those label descriptions (and our friends) to the test!Here’s the basic premise: We covered the labels of five white and five red wines and wrote their label descriptions down (Hint: When you’re covering the bottles make sure to cover up any references of the wine maker by hiding the corks and taping over bottle necks with names on them).   We had our friends sample all the wines and match the label description to the bottle.  Let me tell you, it’s a LOT tougher than you’d think!  Many of the wines had the same flavor descriptions!  Can you taste the black cherry undertones in three red wines?!  We figured there might be a lot of people who matched the wines correctly so as a tie breaker, we also asked them to identify the type of wine as well: Malbec, merlot, zinfandel, etc.  We then scored up the cards and awarded each category (red & white) winner with a $25 gift card to our local wine shop.

We had a blast!  It was a great way to catch up with friends and laugh at the flowery wine label descriptions.  Of course we had delicious food on hand – the menu for our wine tasting included lots of crowd pleasers:

We had tons of wine glasses with labels so everyone would know which glass belonged to them after a their “tasting”

Our friends worked really hard and put a lot of serious effort into this event.  It’s a TOUGH job, but somebody’s got to do it!

And then when we finally scored the cards and realized most people got nearly every wine WRONG they tore off the labels to see the correct answers!

Meredith was our big winner – she was the only person to match 5 for 5 in one category!  WOW!  She was the clear winner in BOTH categories!

Of course she paid the price by trying every wine at least twice!  What a trooper.  We’ll have to make sure we don’t invite this ringer to the party again 🙂

If you want to try this with your friends, just grab the Wine Tasting Cards and your favorite bottles of wine.  We had a great time!