We’re just two girls livin’ in Texas spending any extra hours we can find in our day being crafty.  Sometimes we’re super crafty and our endeavors turn out awesome.  Sometimes we #craft fail.  This blog captures what we’re up to and shares what we’ve learned with others.


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  1. We are having a birthday party in LA on July 20 and I was wondering if you would make the gold dusted mini chocolate oscar statues for it?

    It is my fiance’s 40th Birthday and we are coming over from Australia. I have been desperately trying to find something which is in keeping with the “Hollywood” trip and I love these statues you have made.

    We would need anywhere from 30 to 36 of them. If this is possible please let me know a price.

    • Thank you for your great suggestions
      We’re looking for suggestions for names for our hors d’oeuvres party
      We’ll be presenting
      Pigs-on-a-Blanchette (wrapped cocktail franks)
      Wall Street Wolf Balls. (Sweet & sour meatballs)
      Martini Scorsese drinks and “12 years a scotch”
      +lots of ideas for “Streep”

      Need more ideas

  2. HI,
    I noticed some very cute cookie cutters with some cute stamping decorations on the etsey website.
    I was wondering if you are the same person and would have a larger quantity?
    I am looking for as few as 50 depending on the price with your cute decorations attached to them.
    We are going to use them for our holiday party.
    Please contact me at work 715-425-6701 Crystal R.

  3. I came across your blog thru pinterest. I am having an Oscar party for 50 next weekend and your games are GREAT! The wine charms are great too, do you have a printable. I got the ones off of HWTM website already. Thanks for the word search too…it will give them something to do in between commercials and for a prize too! I’m so glad I came across this today!!

  4. Marta…enjoyed seein the gingerbread houses at your party. What did you use for the icing? I have some volunteers wanting to co-sponsor a Green GIngerbread House program here at our public library, and we are planning to use graham crackers and other various-sized things like wafer cookies and ginger snaps, instead of baked gingerbread. Does this sound reasonable to you? Thanks for any help here. –Heidi in NE Iowa

  5. Hello,

    I wanted to tell you that I have copied your Oscar Party Category Award Winner Game and am placing it on my backyard theater site. I have given you full credit and added a direct link to the game. I am very excited about presenting it to my guests this year. I love games that DON’T require any effort! I am in the middle of collecting prizes for each category and find that it is great fun!

  6. If you go to a search engine like bing.Com or google you can search for Oscar. At the top of the page you can click “image” instead of “web” and every photo or drawing that is relevant to your search will show up. Or just search for Oscar image.
    This advice is not free. The charge is at least one (1) creative film related name for some appetizer Your suggestion?

  7. I love the girls frilly apron pattern. I made it for my niece and she is wearing it everywhere. I was wondering if you allow others to make and sell your pieces if we give you credit for the pattern? Thanks!

  8. Martha, Can you please send me the sizes of the sashing for your i.e. width of the larger white pieces and the width of the green smaller outline. Thanks Nathalie

  9. Hi Martta, We are planning a Oscar-themed event and wondered if you could update the Oscar wine glass charms to reflect 2017 Oscar nominated movies and stars names? We’d be forever in your debt! Jan 2017

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