Pink Ombré Chevron Cake

It has been a full week of decorating a baking at my house and I just looked up at the calendar to see that Easter is just next weekend!  Crikey!  Part of the baking extravaganza was a cute baby celebration cake I made. Pink Ombré Chevron Cake

I’m rediscovering the star tip after years away from it.  Here, I used a 16 to create an easy chevron effect with three different colors of pink buttercream icing. Pink Ombré Chevron CakeI freehand piped the chevrons which ended up slightly uneven at the back, but pretty good for not laying it out beforehand!  I wish I’d make the pinks a bit darker, so you could really see the color gradient, but overall I was pleased with the effort.

The best part was when we cut into the cake to see the ombré effect in the cake layers too! Pink Ombré Chevron CakeDefinitely worthy of a celebration of a new little baby! Pink Ombré Chevron Cake — Martta


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