Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day

This year for Mother’s day I was fortunate enough to celebrate three Moms!  But what to get for the super women who do it all?

Well, I love sharing our family recipes because my mother is particularly notorious for accidentally leaving out ingredients or crucial steps.  So it’s important to write them down to remember exactly how to make them!  Since chalkboard style printables are all the rage (see a million examples on Pinterest like this board), I decided to craft up a few family recipes chalkboard style – one for each of the ladies.

I started with finding a chalkboard background and downloading a few key chalkboard fonts.  There are tons of great posts on chalkboard fonts from Jenni from the blog, Lil Blue Boo, and Side of Sneakers just to name a few.  Don’t forget to download some doodles, dingbats, and ornaments.  I found quite a few helpful ones like LCR Kitchen Dings and Sugar Coma that were cooking themed.

Then I grabbed a few family favorite recipes and set to work with my Mom’s favorite dish from her mother.  This particular recipe cracks me up because when my Mom gave it to me, I got practically NONE of the actual assembly instructions.  So I was pretty anxious to see if I was able to interpret them correctly to see if this is actually how Nana makes the mac n’ cheese.
Nana's Macaroni

I haven’t gotten any edits back yet, but she may be saving them up to let me know in the future 🙂

Next up was my Mother’s chocolate chip recipe which I like to enjoy sans chocolate chips.Jane's Chocolate Chip CookiesFinally, Heather’s recipe for my favorite – Black Bean Hummus.  Probably not her signature dish (see Jello Pretzel Dessert) but this one had so many comments in it that I thought it was pretty funny to see how she’d changed it up from the original. Heather's Black Bean Hummus

So there’s the whole set!  I put them in frames and all the Mothers had a great treat on their celebration day.



Anthem Printable – More Americana

Well, I sort of really loved the “Sweet Land of Liberty” printable I made last weekend.  So I’m following it up with another printable along the same line this week, but with the national anthem in mind.  

And you know that all good things come in threes so I’ll have to make another.  What’s your favorite patriotic song?  What printable do you want to see next?  Let me know in the comments!


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Memorial Day Printables

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope everyone has great plans for grilling and spending time with family.    But we don’t want to forget what Memorial Day is all about, remembering our heroes in the military.  In honor of that I made a quick printable. 

Well after that I was on a bit of an Americana printable roll so inspired by an image I found here, I made this printable.  Hopefully the original artist thinks that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

And then because all good things come in threes, I rounded it out with another of my favorite patriotic songs 

Hope you are having a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!


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Ut Prosim

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since the shocking shootings at Virginia Tech when 32 lives were cut short.  Remembrance activities including runs and candlelight vigils are scheduled and for the first time students are returning to class on this day.

Today, I choose not to dwell on the negativity of April 16, 2007, but remember why students, faculty and staff are at Virginia Tech.  It’s a vibrant, close-knit community and a place of many happy memories for me.  So today I’m focusing on those memories and thinking of why people come and stay at Virginia Tech.

One of my favorite places on campus is the War Memorial, a place of remembrance for alumni who’ve lost their lives serving our country.  The eight pylons of the memorial represent: Brotherhood, Honor, Leadership, Sacrifice, Service, Loyalty, Duty, and Ut Prosim (the University motto: “That I May Serve”).

I always feel a great sense of peace when I’m at the War Memorial.  And that’s what I’d like to feel today, a sense of peace.  I created a printable with the War Memorial in mind.

May we all have peace today.

— Martta

One Cannot Have Too Large a Party

Looking back at the pictures of the baby cake from last week made me think of one of my entertaining mantras.  It’s a delightful quote from Jane Austen’s Emma: “One cannot have too large a party”

So true my dear Emma, so true.

I decided I needed a bit of inspiration today and here it is: my mantra in printable format.  

One of my guy friends asked me once, “What is it with women and Jane Austen?!?”.   I think the simplest answer is that she wrote to women and for women in a way that men can never understand.

Or as I told him at the time “I don’t know, but it’s like crack.  I’m going to go watch Pride and Prejudice again now.”

Hmm maybe an afternoon viewing of Pride and Prejudice is in order today as well!


Baby Pennant Cake

So last week’s “Book Club” was a celebration of the new additions that will be coming to our neighborhood soon.  We’ve got two ladies who are expecting and we decided to go bonkers for babies in April.  Mary asked me to make cupcakes to celebrate, but I was in the mood for a cake.  And I think it turned out darling, if I do say so myself!

This cake is a two tier stacked cake construction – here’s the nitty gritty for those cake nerds out there:

Tier One

  • Two 9″ layer devil’s food chocolate cake
  • Basic buttercream tinted with Wilton’s Royal Blue
  • I used a 104 petal tip to create the ruffles

Tier Two

  • Two 6″ layer white cake
  • Basic buttercream tinted with Wilton’s Pink
  • I used a 103 petal tip to create the ruffles

This cake came together really quickly and I was super pleased with the ruffles!  The pennants add that cute little bunting touch.  I simply created them in Photoshop, cut them out and taped them to a piece of butcher’s twine.  I then tied the twine to two wooden skewers and stuck them in the top tier.

Here’s a little pennant printable for you to try on your next cake! 


Christmas Potluck Signup Printable

It’s potluck season!  Our office had a surprisingly good turnout for Thanksgiving!  No one brought things we already have in the office!  People actually brought the things they signed up for too.  I attribute the variety of foods to the wicked awesome Thanksgiving potluck signup sheet I made.  So now, I’ve got to go with a good thing and make a new sign up sheet for a Christmas potluck.

This holiday is a bit more difficult because everyone has different Christmas dinner traditions.  The only thing I could really think that was a must have is cookies!  Mmmm cookies….

Again, we’ve got all the utensils, drinks, plates and glasses we need already at my office so those aren’t listed, but be sure to include them if you need them for your office.