Race for the Cure Survivor Wall

I was digging through pictures to find images of my Race for the Cure quilt which will be auctioned at the Perfectly Pink Party coming up on May 4th when I ran across photos of the flower wall we created in this year’s Survivor Booth. Race for the Cure Flower Wall 2

When I was planning out the booth for the year, I was trying to brainstorm a way to incorporate the names of survivors into the booth and I came up with the idea of a flower wall.  Now, I’m just the idea man on this one folks, because the fabulous Karen is the one who actually hand made all 1400 flowers for the wall.  Here she is all decked out in gear from the photo booth props. Race for the Cure Flower Wall 1To assemble the wall we had volunteers write the name of a survivor on each flower.  Each flower was then taped to a string that was about 9 feet long (make sure to only make the flowers on the string about 8 feet long and you’ll have room to tie the string at the top and bottom.) Race for the Cure Flower Wall 4I then got two 1″x2″ boards that were 8 feet tall and drilled a hole in the top.  We had a handy dandy chain link fence which I attached the boards to using zip ties.  I strung a line through the hole drilled in the top of the of the boards and we began to tie the flower streamers to the line.

The idea was we wanted the flower wall to flutter and move in the breeze, but it turned out to be a heck of a windy day and we ended up tying the bottom of the flower streamers to another line at the bottom of the boards.  We still had plenty of movement and folks weren’t battered by streamers gone wild!

It even worked from the backside as our race co-chair showed peeking through from the outside. Race for the Cure Survivor Wall

The end result was great and many ladies took pictures with their flower or when they found their flower, they plucked it from the wall and took it with them.  We had spare blank flowers and racers were able to add names of other survivors they knew so any holes were quickly filled in.

I loved using the survivor’s names in the booth and will definitely find a way to incorporate this idea for next year’s booth!



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