Wine Cork Letter Sign

My husband & I have been saving our wine corks for a few years. Not every cork, but enough to fill a few vases for decoration, and some of the more special corks from when we bought our house, and celebrated birthdays & anniversaries.

When I joined Pinterest, this was one of the first crafts I pinned, and knew I could easily replicate! Here’s the original link:

I purchased the chip board letter at Hobby Lobby for $1.99… full price! If you wait for their sale, you can easily buy this for a buck! I already had a glue gun & plenty of glue sticks, so that made this project practically free. Who doesn’t love that?!

wine cork, letterI dumped a bunch of my corks onto the kitchen table and threw out any that were too damaged or not cork at all. (How did those get in there?!) Then, I very carefully tried to set up each cork for a “dry fit”. Truly, I’m lazy and didn’t want to cut any corks, so this was my way of figuring out the best set up.I loved having some of the red wine stained corks mixed in for visual interest, and with just 2 champagne corks, they made the perfect transition in spacing near the cross bar.

Then, I heated up my trusty glue gun and glued them all in place! I didn’t bother with any glue on the sides of the corks because I was afraid it would be visible. This was so quick and easy… literally, took me about 30 min total to glue them all in place, and that was with interruptions from my 2 kiddos.

Here she is all finished & standing pretty!

Even though my letter stands on her own, I am considered putting some sawtooth hangers on the back & hanging her on the wall. I just need the rest of my photo gallery frames first. 😉 This is also a great solution for those curved letters that may not want to stand alone. Hang with a pretty ribbon, or layer in with other frames and mementos.

I really recommend trying this project for a personalized and very inexpensive piece of home decor. No fancy machines or tools, & I bet your friends would happily save corks for you if you don’t have a ton saved like I did.

Let us know how your letter turns out!




10 thoughts on “Wine Cork Letter Sign

  1. What a wonderful idea-Love it! Especially nice gift for wine drinkers.I have a few corks and when I have enough I’m onto this fun project.

    Thank you guys 😀

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