Sangria Slushies

As astounding as this sounds, sometimes I am faced with left over sangria.  What?! you say?  I know, perhaps my friends aren’t the lushes that they make themselves out to be…(impostors!)  Well I’m not about to pitch a perfectly good pitcher of sangria.

So what do you do when life hands you lemons?  That’s right, you make lemon drop martinis.  So when I have leftover sangria, it’s to the ice cream machine to make sangria slushies!

Start with your ordinary pitcher of left over sangria.  

Now I’ve tried freezing it just like this and you end up with some pretty chunky frozen pieces of fruit in your slushy.  Especially since the bottom of the sangria pitcher tends to be a bit heavy on the fruit.  So now I attack it with the mini chopper before throwing it into the ice cream maker.  The side benefit is the berries take on a staring role and what was once white passionfruit sangria (which is totally fab by the way, you should try it) now takes on the rich purple hue.

So there’s one obvious problem with just throwing all the fruit into the chopper – so yes, I go the extra mile and sort out the fruit that still had a rind attached – you know, those pesky oranges and lemons.  I let the green apples go, it makes for nice little flecks of bright green in the finished slushy. 

At one point in my life, I considered peeling all the rinds off of these tiny bits of fruit.

I peeled off three rinds and realized that was a really stupid idea and I switched to a much better plan.

The mega juicer.

All you need to do it make sure that you don’t have any escapees as you juice the fruit.

Now everyone into the blender – let’s go!  

So pretty.

And then just pour that loveliness into the ice cream maker and away we go! 

Then I dump the new sangria slushy either directly into my glass or into the freezer to enjoy later.

I can only hope that this post saves some sangria that might have been tragically leftover at your house too.



Mojito Granita

Folks, this is the forecast for Austin for the next seven days:

I would say that it looks like a binary code, but there are some 2’s and 3’s in there…. the only sure cure for this heat is a mojito granita.  Now, I know, you’ve seen the other posts where I’ve said alcohol is optional in granita, but in this one, I call for a cup of rum and I know that Liz Handlin won’t skimp.  So gather up your ingredients, ’cause it’s time to put the freezer to good use.

For this recipe, you’ll need to following ingredients:

1 C Sugar

1 C Water

2 Bunches of Mint (divided)

2 Large Limes

1 C of Light Rum

1 12 oz Can of Soda Water

Start off with your simple syrup: put the water and sugar together with one bunch of mint leaves in a pan.  Stir over medium heat until all the sugar is dissolved.

let the syrup cool completely and put it in a container to hang out in your ‘fridge for 24 -48 hours.  You want a super minty simple syrup don’t you?  When you pull it out, the mint will look a bit scary – you’ve sucked all the goodness out of it.  Don’t worry, just strain it out and throw it away.

In a blender combine the simple syrup with a fresh bunch of mint, the zest and juice of the limes and the rum.  Give it a mix.  If you want to maintain the whole mint leaf feel of a traditional mojito, just muddle these ingredients together.  Top it off with the can of soda and place in your container for freezing.

At first the mint will all float to the top, but don’t worry as it freezes, the mint will get all mixed in.  Stir with a fork every hour for a few hours.  Due to the high alcohol content, this granita will take a bit longer to set up than other granitas.

Once you’ve gotten it all frozen, dish it up in a martini glass.  Yes, I said a martini glass, because you are going to feel this rum!  Get out on the porch and enjoy everything that 103 has to offer you.  I promise after a serving (or two) of this frosty treat, you won’t care how hot it is!



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Peach Raspberry Granita

Didn’t I tell you it was going to be a summer of granita?  I had frozen peaches left over from making sangria and I couldn’t have them cluttering up my freezer…so I decided to make some granita.  And what goes best with peaches?  Well raspberries, of course.  Might as well get frozen ones because I’m just gonna freeze ’em any way!  So I whipped up a cup of simple syrup and broke out the blender!

I wanted to keep the berries separate so I’d have that lovely color contrast in my finished dessert.  And you know there is no way I’m washing the blender out between batches so about eight ounces of peaches (approx 3/4 of a bag of peaches) and half the simple syrup went into the blender.  Then on to the raspberries.  One ten ounce bag of frozen berries and the remaining simple syrup into the blender!

I swear I didn’t alter that photo – the raspberry is so red and delicious, it’s practically technicolor!  If you’re not a fan of super seed-y raspberries, here’s your chance to strain the batch.  For me that would require getting another dish dirty so I’ll skip that step, thanks.  Into individual containers for freezing fun.

Both of these were so thick and gooey, they almost had a gelato consistency.  It was REALLY hard not to lick the blender.  OK, yes, I tried, it’s just not something that lends itself to that style of kitchen clean up.

Stir your granitas with a fork every hour for the next two to three hours and then get ready to enjoy.  Because the berries were already frozen, these seemed to set up much faster than other granitas I’ve made.

Top with a little pop of mint for color and contrast to all the berry deliciousness and then dig in!

— Martta

Strawberry Blueberry Granita

As my neighbor would say, it’s hotter than seven acres of burnin’ stumps out there. It might be only Spring for some of you, but with temperatures already nearing 100 in Texas, Summer has arrived. You just gotta have a treat to beat the heat. When the margaritas run dry (scandal!) granita is a great back up! This flavor combination reminds me of my favorite gelatto du0: Fruits of the Forrest and Lemon. Sweet and tart and most of all cold – this dessert hits the spot!

So gather up your ingredients, this is going to be the easiest dessert you make all summer!


2 Cups of Strawberries

1 Cup of Blueberries

1 Large Lemon

1/2 C Sugar

1/2 C Water

Wash and clean your berries and let’s get going!  OK I admit it, this dessert is easy, but it does require some equipment.  Break out your blender or food processor and throw in those berries.

Blend until smooth – if you need a bit of liquid, simple add the simple syrup to finish the job.  While that blender is off working, make the simple syrup.  Equal parts sugar and water heated on the stove until all the sugar is dissolved.

Next, zest the lemon and add to the blender along with the juice of the lemon.  I like mine tart so I add a whole large lemon.  If you’d like the berries to shine through a bit more, you can omit the zest which really packs a lemon-y punch.

Once you’ve blended pour the slushy mixture into a freezer safe container.  Allow your concoction to set for an hour and go in and stir it all up.  Keep repeating that process until it’s completely frozen (2-3 hours).

When you’re ready to serve, just grab a fork to break up any remaining chunks and create that crushed ice effect.

Dish it up, top with vodka if you need to, and enjoy!  One brain freeze coming your way!  With the way this summer is shaping up, I predict a LOT of granita flavor combinations will be coming out of this kitchen!