Chocolate Oscar Statues: Luster Dust Testing

The chocolate Oscar statues are one of the most memorable treats from at my Oscar Party (You can check out my original post on making them here), they always get lots of oohs and ahhs.  So after years of turning out the same adorable statues, I think it’s time for a little product breakdown. Chocolate Oscar StatuesThis year I’m testing a few different types of luster dusts that are available at my cake decorating store:

Chocolate Oscar StatuesThe color mist offers great coverage, but the color comes out a bit flat and the gold seems to “pool” in some locations which can make it a bit splotchy.

The addition of the luster dusts on top of the color mist gives a solid color and sparkly appearance.  I wasn’t terribly impressed with the Wilton shimmer dust – the statue still looked a bit flat to me.  But both the Sugar Art and CK luster dusts turned out a nice looking statue.  I think the CK luster dust has a very slight edge because the color seems to be just a bit brighter.

Sticking with just the luster dusts alone gives a real depth of color due to the chocolate color coming through.  However, even after several layers of luster dust, I still can’t quite match the bright appearance of the statues that had a coat of the Wilton Color Mist first.

Overall, I think I’ll be going with the Color Mist and CK Luster dust this year – I like this particular combination of solid gold coverage and bright sparkle.

Now to make 40 more…..


Update: My Color Mist didn’t quite hold out for a batch of 40 so you may want to consider more than one can if you are making a lot of statues.


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Oscar Statues: Luster Dust Testing

  1. Way cute! I have someone making me Oscar cookie cut outs……..we did tiny champagne flutes with gold and black sixlets too that are too cute!! HAVE FUN…….

  2. Hi Martta,
    We are delighted that you are making more statues this year…..if anyone needs award moulds we have a few left on although they will not arrive in time for this year’s celebrations, giving plenty of practice time for next year. Enjoy the awards ceremonies…..kindest regards,

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