Oscar Party Decorations: Nominee Posters

Every year I say that I’m going to come up with something else to decorate the house on Oscar Party night and every year I make the dang nominee posters anyway.
Oscar Party Decorations: Nominee Posters

When I first started Oscar Party, I would pick up two issues of Entertainment Weekly that had head shots of all the nominees but now that there are such great pictures online, I just grab the pictures there rather than trying to remember to pick up the magazine the one week it’s out.

These posters couldn’t be more simple, just grab some poster board in black and gold, double stick tape, and print up the names for each nominee (I like to use 48 pt. Dubba Dubba font).   Oscar Party Decorations: Nominee Posters

Now, because I’m crazy, yes, I will spray paint my black poster board with a high gloss black paint.  What can I say?  I like a little shine.  Hobby Lobby sells a sensational glossy gold poster board which I pick up with my 40% off coupon or grab when it is on sale.

I’ll mat each of the photos and nominee names in gold (You’ll need 2-3 sheets of gold for this) then put them on the black poster board.  Sometimes, if I’m feeling wild, I’ll do the Best Picture nominees on a gold background with black mats. (You can read that as, I plan to do that every year, but I get in such a groove matting everything in gold that I forget to mat the Best Picture stuff in black.  Oh well.)

A few tips: Hang these up on the day of the party – they have a tendency to fall down or buckle if you hang them early.  You can make these posters weeks in advance (Ha!  I’m always making mine at the last minute!) but if you do, be sure to store them laying flat until the party.

Oscar Party Decorations: Nominee Posters

Hope your Oscar Party is sensational!



2 thoughts on “Oscar Party Decorations: Nominee Posters

  1. Love it…your other boards inspired me to make my own for my party…..time consuming for sure but so fun to do!!!! Thanks, glad pinterest introduced me to your website!

  2. Have a great party……we’re ready to go…….just waiting to get dressed and party….Oscar style.


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