Golden Oscar Party Decorations

Every year I’m trying to add just a little bit more to Oscar Party.  This year design inspiration came from (where else?!) Pinterest.  I saw Hank & Hunt’s giant gold wall decoration and I knew I needed that sparkle at my party.  While I loved the medallion, I really wanted it to scream Oscar and what better way to do that than with a lovely Oscar statue?  Oscar Party Decoration

Isn’t he cute? To begin, I used the projection method to trace the outline of my statue onto foam core.  Oscar Party DecorationI then spray painted the foam core gold, because I figured a bit of the edge would be visible and I didn’t want any white peeking through. I used the same method as it inspiration post and bought the same gold mylar cord for my Oscar statue.

But since my design had a few more subtle curves than just a circle, I needed to cut the rope pieces a bit smaller – just about 1″ long.
Oscar Party Decoration

I then taped the pieces down to both sides of the statue.Oscar Party DecorationMake sure to only over hang the edges of the foam core a little bit or the statue will come out looking like a giant sparkly blob. Oscar Party DecorationYou know I know this because I first made a giant sparkly blob and had to go back and redo it.

But he’s all done and I love my shiny gold Oscar man!  I inserted a pin in the top and tied some fishing line to the pin and then thumb tacked it into the ceiling.  He’s right at home with my tissue paper pom poms and ready to be part of a fab tablescape……which I’ll have to take a picture of when it’s all decked out.

But if a tablescape isn’t in your future, I think this would be a great addition to the photobooth prop box.



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