Buttoned-Up Baby Wrap

We interrupt this non-stop Oscar Party blogging to bring you any other project I’ve been working on.  In this case, it’s knitting project #2: a newborn baby pouch.  What can I say – it’s so stinking adorable – I couldn’t stop myself! Knitted newborn baby pouchThank goodness I have friends who have newborn babies and love me enough to put up with totally ridiculous and worthless gifts!  I really can conceive of no actual purpose for this item aside from these delightful pictures of Hilary’s new baby.  I did however suggest it could potentially be used as a mullet style knitted cap if push comes to shove….I’m still waiting on those pictures.  I’ll keep you posted.  But in the mean time, enjoy these yummy baby shots instead!Knitted newborn baby pouch

I found the Buttoned-up Baby Wrap on Ravelry and ran right out to pick up some new yarn and the chunkiest circular needles I’d ever seen!IMG_3090 I knitted a project in about 2 days, which for me is like a land speed record compared to the easy baby blanket which took oh, um, like 5 months.  ya know.

I did have some trouble with the reductions at the end – I kept ending up a few stitches off from the pattern, but I made it work.  Since it’s not going to get heavy use, I think we’re going to be OK.IMG_3095

Thanks to Hil for sharing the pictures!



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