Oscar Party Invite

I like to design my own Oscar party invite each year.  This year, as I watched a snippet of the nomination announcement live (Hey, I can’t watch the whole thing, I gotta get some work done people), there were long periods of time where the camera was stuck on the screen that would eventually display the nominees.  A screen that had a stylized Oscar statuette which inspired my invite this year:

Oscar Party 2013 InviteAs I was designing, I thought I’d dig through my old invites for the past few years to see what I’d already done.  I tend to take the lead from the design of the Oscars each year for my ballot, which you can really see in the 2010 – the red, white and black below.Oscar Party 2012 Invite Oscar Party 2011 Invite Oscar Party 2010 Invite Oscar Party 2009 InviteI hope you enjoy the walk through invites past!




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