Pattern Review: Insulated Wine Tote

I found this adorable wine tote pattern made by Kathryn Goodman on the Bernina site a few years ago when I was just learning to sew.  It made for a quick homemade project that was spot on with my skill level.

So that Christmas, it was ‘Wine Totes for Everyone!’

Even after making over a dozen of these totes, I still love the pattern.  So when I was searching around for a gift idea for a volunteer board that I head, I immediately thought of this project.  Who doesn’t like a little wine as a thank you for all the hard work you do?  Don’t they look cute all sewn up? 

Just a few tips on this project.  Be generous with the pins in step two when you are basting the exterior fabric to the Insul-Brite.  Otherwise the exterior fabric has a tendency to shift a bit. 

Also plan to be generous with the pins when you attach the interior and exterior. The only issue I have with the pattern is on the handle – and it’s not a deal breaker of an issue.  The pattern calls for a 3″ wide cut on the tote handle.  After sewing the long edges together and pressing opposite edges in 1/2″ the picture in the step shows that the long edges of the fabric are touching but they should be an inch apart if you cut the piece 3″ wide.  I think it’s just a type-o and that you should cut the handle 2″ wide, but if you prefer a wider handle, then keep it at 3″

Happy Sewing!



4 thoughts on “Pattern Review: Insulated Wine Tote

    • Rebecca, yup that would be exactly right if the handle was one 3″ piece folded in half and then sewn, but the pattern calls for two handle pieces that are both 3″ wide. That way you can have contrasting fabric on the inside and outside. Every time I sewed it, I ended up with a 2″ handle. But 1″ handle or 2″ handle, it’s a pretty flexible pattern so I think it works either way!

  1. I am stuck on the step of squaring off the bottom. It only states instructions for one side, shouldn’t it be both? And 3 1/2″ seems too much to cut off, no? Wish I could see a picture of the bottom so I could get a better feel of the outcome. I know I’m just having a brain cramp,so can someone advise me? Thx!! 🤔😊

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