The Sunshine Skirt


I’ve had some inexpensive pom pom trim in my stash for quite a while, and this weekend, finally got the bug to use it! A couple of hours is all it took to get this simple skirt together. You can use Dana’s Simple Skirt Tutorial over at Made, or any skirt pattern you like.

My daughter is 5, and is pretty true to size, but she doesn’t like her waistband too tight or too loose. Makes for tricky shopping, as most retailers are far from consistent in their waistbands. Thus, the custom skirt is a perfect fix!

I wanted the skirt to be 12 inches from her waist, about an inch longer than one of her current favorite skirts. Then I added 1.5 inches for the waistband, and another 1.5 inches for the hem. I cut my fabric 15 inches by about 46 inches. If you want to just go the normal width of your fabric (44-45″), that will work perfectly, and be faster to cut!

I had never sewn pom pom trim to anything, and I am sure there is a “right” way, but I just pinned it to the underside of the skirt, and sewed a straight stitch down the center of it. 


The pom pom trim I have is not the highest quality, thus the cheap price tag, but it was a good way to practice with this trim. Within 30 minutes of wearing the skirt, my daughter had already torn off 4 of the pom poms! I think the cheaper trim is more suited for craft projects, and not apparel! Lesson learned. She loves this skirt, and it shows… multiple stains from lunch and dinner already living on the skirt. Thankfully, they are somewhat hidden in the colorful pattern!



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