Hard Water Stains Begone!

Well after 6 years of living in Austin, my glasses are really starting to show the stains from our hard water.

So it’s time I introduced them to my friend vinegar: 

Oh yeah, Pickle Perfect.

So let’s go for a quick 30 minute soak in a bath of vinegar.  Now you just get to go about your business while that works away.

Then come back and give them a little bit of a scrub – you want to make sure those stains know that you are the boss.

And voilà!  Brilliant, sparkling clean glasses again 🙂 See the before and after below.–Martta


2 thoughts on “Hard Water Stains Begone!

  1. Great tip. My mum used to use vinegar and newspaper to clean the windows and I still boil vinegar in my vegetable steamer to clean the hard water damage. Works a treat but kitchen smells of a fish and chip shop for a while afterwards though!

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