Race for the Cure Photo Backdrop

It’s that time of year where the prep for Komen Race for the Cure starts to really kick in.  Last year the photo booth in the Survivor’s Tent was a huge success – with a line all day long.  This year we’re coming back with double the fun of two photo booths.  This past weekend we had a decorating party and one of the items we made was a hand painted photo backdrop – here it is hanging in the office at Komen, just waiting for race day!

Our photo booth is an 8’x8′ background so I picked up 10 yards of simple white fabric, cut it into thirds and sewed all three pieces together to create a 10’x10′ canvas.  Inspired by a hand written poem backdrop at a wedding, our committee chair suggested we use the lyrics from the Martina McBride song “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”.

So I laid down some plastic drop cloth and someone ironed the back drop and we taped it down to get started.  And I just started painting.  I had a handy piece of lathe to help me keep in a straight line and it was fairly slow work so I could make sure I was sticking to a fairly level mark.
Did I mention this was slow work?  Thank goodness I had a moral support committee to read me the lyrics, make sure I was spelling words right and keep me talking so I wouldn’t notice that my hips were killing me after two hours of sitting on the concrete floor!
 But it turned out sensational!  I can’t wait to see some folks take pictures in front of it!




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