Quilting Class

We’ve had to interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for obsessive watching of the Olympics.  I’m giving myself approximately 2 years to resurface from the fog…

But it’s not just been all TV watching, I have been working on projects!  So let’s catch up.  I just completed the three part course at the Stitch Lab on beginning quilting.  They recently updated the course to add in a whole class on how to make the binding which was really helpful.  So here is my first quilt!

*Please note I did not make this baby (I haven’t been away from the blog that long!) – she’s a loaner from a friend.

Class one was all about cutting and piecing the top – it’s a nice straightforward design to get us started.Class two was all about the quilting (you’ll have to excuse the quality of these – they are all from the cell phone!).  So we pinned out the quilt sandwich of backing, batting and completed top together.  With this design there are so many options for quilting!  I was inspired by the wavy design of the gray fabric so I free hand sketched a wavy design on the top and got to work.
I started in the middle and worked my way out. I first quilted waves in every 5 inches or so and then went back to fill in with more wavy rows.  This allowed me to keep the top from puckering and creating “mountains”.  Here’s the completed work! Class three was all about the binding.  We cut out strips on the diagonal then pieced them together and ironed them.  The pressing method is to fold in half the long way, then fold raw edges into the pressed center – essentially quartering the length of the binding.

We then trimmed up the batting on the quilt and pinned and sewed the binding down to the top of the quilt.  Haley, the instructor, taught us a nice technique for to create neat corners.  Sew up to the corner, ending approximately the binding width from the edge.  Turn the binding up so that the fabric faces up and the outside edge runs in line with the edge of the quilt.Then turn the fabric face down and align it with the edge of the quilt and sew.Now that the binding is in place, we flipped the quilt over to finish off the back by hand. I’m a ridiculously slow hand sewer so it took me a bit – good thing it’s baby sized!  Here is the finished product: And just one more touch before it left the house – a personal inscription on the back.  Just in case you didn’t already know it was hand made! 



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