Girls Ruffled Halter

So I’ve been MIA from blogging… sorry Martta! I don’t have any specific excuses, except… life. Anniversary, birthday party, visiting family, end of preschool… and that was just the first part of May. Anyway, I am finally getting back to my sewing machine, and will hopefully have some time to get some long overdue posts up!

I downloaded the ruffled halter pattern & tutorial from Oliver & S ages ago. I finally printed out the pages, and did all the fun taping, tracing, and cutting required of a PDF pattern. Here is the link if you want if for yourself… here.

Honestly, the hardest part of sewing this cute top is getting the pattern together, and cutting the pieces! And I have to say, I am seriously terrible at cutting out fabric. So don’t let taping & cutting deter you from actually getting to the sewing part!

I was able to finish the top in just a few hours… and that included interruptions from 2 sick kids, and dinner, dishes, etc. I considered using a piece of ribbon for the tie, but I didn’t have anything in my stash that coordinated, so I used the matching fabric. I’m so glad I did.. it all turned out so cute, and she got many compliments when wearing it at a birthday party.

And the back…

In the pattern, the ruffles are do not have a finished edge. They are cut on the bias, so won’t fray quite like a straight cut, but over time I have a feeling I will not like the frayed edge. When I sew this again, I will probably hem the ruffles so they do not fray at all. If you have a serger, I would serge the edges for a fun finished look. Contrasting thread?

I made the Medium size, which says it will fit a 5/6, and I think that is very accurate. My daughter just turned 5, and I know she will be able to wear this for a year or two.

I definitely recommend this pattern! It’s really cute, easy to sew, and FREE!

Leave us a comment, and let us know if you’ve made this ruffled halter, or if you plan to in the future!


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