Sorcerer’s Stone Jell-o

More treats from Auntie Martta weekend!  After a long, hot day at the zoo, we decided to kick back and relax on Sunday.  So we popped in one of our favorite movies – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and settled down to some themed food yumminess.

I’ll have to post our entire menu, but one of the fun things we made was Sorcerer’s Stone Jell-o.  

Can you believe I actually spent like five minutes of my life, that I’ll never get back, in search of a mold for stones or rocks?  (Which by the way, yields a variety of Google results that are not on topic at all).  And then I was thunderstruck with the realization that I can make this mold myself with a handy dandy household staple – aluminum foil.  Yup, all you need for this project is Jell-o, aluminum foil and a cupcake tray.  Simply crumple up the aluminum and create a little mold in each of the cupcake trays.  Make sure that your sides are high enough so when you pour into the mold you don’t have spillage.

 Then fill each of the molds with Jell-o – I used the Jell-o Jiggler’s recipe over at Kraft – and put them in the fridge to set.   I left mine in overnight, but you could put them in the freezer for 20 minutes and get them to set up faster.  To unmold, quickly dip the bottom of the foil in warm water – don’t let it sit too long or you’ll melt off the top of your “stone”.  and there you have it!  Some yummy sorcerer’s stones to enjoy while watching the movie.  We, of course, served our sorcerer’s stones when Harry discovered it in the mirror of Erised.



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