Zoo Scavenger Hunt

It’s Auntie Martta weekend here as Jim and Heather are off to celebrate their 10th anniversary.  Where did the time go?!?

I’ve got a whole weekend to kill with the kiddos so I needed to come up with some fun activities.  And what better place to kill time than the zoo?  We’ve already been to the one in San Antonio (it’s great!) so this weekend we’re headed North to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco.

I’ve been seeing all these great Zoo activities on Pinterest and one that caught my eye was a scavenger hunt for animals.  What fun!  But Jack and Caroline are a bit older and I didn’t think just checking a box to say they’ve found an animal was going to be enough to keep them engaged…..plus I figured they needed to work for it a bit!

So I made my own zoo scavenger hunt books with space to write the name of the animal they find as well as a sentence or two about the animal.  They worked out great and held up well in the 97+ degree Texas heat!

Here’s how I did it (Sorry for the yellow pictures – Auntie Martta projects are worked on after the kiddo’s go to bed!) To create my little mini books, I grabbed several pictures of the animals at Cameron Park zoo and threw them into a document.  I printed out my mini book on one sheet of card stock, front and back. 

I then used the guidelines I put into the document as cut lines and cut out the pages.

A quick fold and they were ready for assembly. I used a small hole punch to make a few holes in the center fold  Then I took some extra embroidery floss and stitched up the books.  A quick double knot at the bottom and I was done.  If you’re only doing a few pages, you probably could even get this through your sewing machine. And we were ready to hunt!  If you want to try it out on your own, here’s the PDF of the book I made: Zoo Scavenger Hunt 

Happy Hunting!



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