What’s on the Sewing Table

So this week I’ve been working on some baby gifts for my friend Laura who is just about to pop with her first – a little girl.  I’m so excited for Laura and Jason and I can’t wait to meet the new little one.

I went with some classics: Minky baby blanket, burp clothes and a monogrammed crinkle toy.  Laura *thinks* they are going to name the baby with a name that starts with “E”.  I sincerely hope that they do because this little “e” crinkle toy gave me hell.  The lowercase letters are so much harder than the upper case letters!  Ohy!  Loads of curves, plus trying to figure out how to turn that shape….glad that’s it’s done!  

And don’t worry that I’m spoiling the surprise for Laura (just in case you are block skulking without commenting Laura) there’s one other little treat to go in the gift box so she’ll be sure to get a surprise.



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