Easter Bunny Paper Candy Pouches

It’s time to fill up those Easter Egg string baskets I made for the kiddos last year.  Since I’m sure they will be covered in the chocolate bunny category, I wanted to give them another bunny filled with jelly beans.  And the Easter bunny paper candy pouch idea was born.  

I saw the concept of sewn candy pouches around Christmas time through a pin from Peppermint Plum.  See, how cute at these?  

But I wanted to make it Easter special.  So I found an image of a bunny I liked and cut out two bunnies.  It’s best to do cut both at once so all the edges match up. 

Then stitch up those bunnies. 

I left a generous opening in the fluffy tail region so I could stuff the pouch with jelly beans. 

Make sure to work them into the ears and feet.  Then just stitch closed. 

I went with a light green thread to coordinate with Jack’s light green basket, but it does draw attention to the stitching!  So OCD folks, beware.

I needed a final touch to top off my bunny and decided a little pom pom yarn tail was just the ticket.  I used the fork technique to create my pom poms.  You can find a good example of this technique here

Just a little dab of hot glue to stick the tail and I was done!  Love my adorable bunny and I’ve enjoyed eating the extra jelly beans that I just couldn’t fit in the bunny…..


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