Kindle Fire Case – Lined Pouch

I’m on a “I pinned it, I made it” roll here folks.  My latest project is a Kindle case for my Mom.  

When I saw this adorable bunting zipper pouch on Pinterest made by Suzanne at Just Another Hangup, I knew I had to make one.  

But I already had a case for my Kindle….what I needed was someone who didn’t have a case for their Kindle.

Thank goodness my Mom did me a solid by not only receiving the new Kindle Fire for Christmas, but also by being too lazy to get a new case for it by the time her birthday rolled around.  Woot!  I’ll take advantage of that!

But you know, of course, I didn’t want to exactly duplicate the bunting case (although it is totally adorable).  I decided to go with a kite theme instead.

I rounded up the scraps from the reversible shopper I made for Mom – she just loves batiks – and I picked up a 1/3 of a yard of linen and a matching 12″ zipper.  I also pulled some medium weight interfacing and batting from my stash.

In all honesty I actually made this little pouch twice – I’m a chronic under-sizer when it comes to making sleeves for electronics.  Especially when I don’t have one in hand to test with (Hint, Hint ;)) …..Anyway, the first attempt was adorable!  And perfectly petite!  It *just* fit the Kindle Fire.  But it had to be persuaded to do so…..that’s no good!  I wanted to throw it into the pile of other not-quite-right sewing projects, but it’s cute as a pouch all the same so my Mother is enjoying it as a mini-purse

So here I am back at the drawing board with a few modifications to that original pass for this second round.  The first thing you’ll need to do is cut your pieces.  I’ve gone with 9″x7″ cut size on this pouch because that will be plenty big when you’re finished!  You’ll need to cut:

  • 2 Exterior pieces
  • 2 Interior pieces
  • 2 Batting pieces
  • 2 Interfacing pieces (optional)

The interfacing is optional, but my linen is so flimsy, I wanted to add body and hopefully prevent a few future wrinkles.

I wanted to jazz up the interior and really work with the kite theme so I didn’t just cut a rectangle for the interior pieces.  I actually pieced a kite shape together from my remnants.  But being lazy, I didn’t want to measure and cut all the pieces.  So I laid it out and played with it a bit before hand using one of my exterior pieces as a guide.  As long as you’ve got a square (or mostly) corner piece this lazy method should work for you.

I started with the top and once I had that in place, I added the bottom pieces.    

You can play with the angle until it looks kite-like enough for you.  Then sew all the pieces together and press the seams

I used one of the exterior fabric pieces as a guide to cut out my interior piece. 

Using this same method I made a little mini kite to attach to the outside of one of the exteriors.  My only recommendation here is to trim back the seam allowance on the points of the kite so they don’t accidentally sneak out when you’ve attached it to the pouch. 

Now on to the batting.  I didn’t want to get too fancy with the quilting here so I just stitched along the seams and added a border all around to attach the batting to the interior pieces. 

Ok is almost time to assemble, but I need to decorate that exterior fabric first.  Here’s the hard part – you’ve got to pick your kite placement.  There’s really no wrong choice here.  So I picked a spot and pinned the kite in place.  I did some freehand sewing to come up with a kite string – retracing the path a few times to match the style of the pennant pouch.Then, I covered the end of the string with the kite and stitched it into place as well.  Finally, I folded up a few scraps of fabric and cut out triangles to use as kite tales, quickly attaching them on the string. 

Now it’s on to assembly!  There is a wonderful blog post over on Flossie Tea Cakes that explains how to assemble a lined pouch and I’ve used this method for my pouch.  It’s a little difficult to make sure you’re stitching the zipper straight as it is sandwiched between two pieces of fabric, but all your ragged ends get tucked inside away from potential catches on zipper teeth.

It’s looking great now!  Just needs a finishing touch.  I don’t have a nice matching navy ribbon so I grabbed one more remnant of batik and stitched two narrow rectangles. I cut out the rectangles and threaded it through the zipper to act as a perfectly coordinating zipper tie.  Excellent!  I hope this one fits – I’ll have to ask Mom to send me a picture when she gets the new pouch.



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