Glitter Candles

Well, I can hardly show off my new gold mercury glass without a few fancy candles right?  And since it’s all about sparkle and I just happen to have a jug o’ gold glitter, why not jazz up those candles to make gold glitter candles? Oh I love them so.

Ah yes, they are fabulous, they are festive, and they are so darn easy to make.  ‘Cause you know I already have the gold spray paint out…..

So take some boring blah candles, like these that I picked up at Hobby Lobby using my 40% coupon.

And shower them with a light coat of gold spray paint.  Once it’s dry, grab the spray adhesive and either coat the whole candle or do as I did and just hit the bottom edge.  Sprinkle the candle with your jug o’ glitter.

Shake off the excess and let it sit in a well ventilated area to dry and set.  Don’t bring them into the house too soon – that spray adhesive is stinky!

Now you are ready for sparkly perfection.  I will say that after I burned these for about 6 hours at Oscar Party, they did crack and look at bit funky.  I’m not sure what brought that on, but I figure more gold spray paint will cover it up!  And they are super pretty to look at when you don’t even light them.



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