Hummus Three Ways

One of the new treats I tried out for this year’s Oscar Party was hummus three ways.  I figure if the gurus on Top Chef can have all their dishes three ways, why can’t I?  And I do think it turned out sensational (if I do say so myself). 

To make this hummus extravaganza happen, I picked up votives at Ace Mart for a little under $0.50 a piece.  Heather contributed black bean hummus (which she’ll have to blog in the future), Costco contributed a tub of Sabra’s roasted pine nut hummus and I made a batch of Giada’s white bean hummus – my version is always heavy on the parsley.

Chop veggies in sticks.  For the black bean hummus I had carrots and celery (I did spring for the extra effort of chopping whole carrots so they would be tall enough in the glasses) and for the roasted pine nut hummus, baby cucumber spears.  I followed the directions for Giada’s pita chips but rather than cut the pitas into triangle shapes, I created sticks by cutting strips of pitas then cutting the strips in half.  They fit perfectly into the small votive glasses and were the perfect tool for scooping out yummy hummus!

To make sure the edges of the glasses stayed clean, we pipped the hummus into each cup – it’s faster and easier than cleaning edges!  All the types were a taste sensation and the little cups were all gone by the time the party was over.  I can’t wait to try this again next year!



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