Oscar Party Wrap Up

Three loads of dishes, a couple of hours of hand washing, and some light furniture rearranging later, this place is finally getting back in order after a sensational Oscar Party!  The party menu went off almost without a hitch and of course couldn’t have happened without my early bird arrivers – Sarah, Heather, Mandy, Georgia, Leighton and Robin – who helped with all the last minute details.

Couldn’t make it to Austin this year?  Well here’s the wrap up of the party!  The wrapping paper pinwheels recycled from Christmas really set the mood for the front room of the house. 

This year was a first for the dessert table and I’m officially in love with the idea!  It really added some good flow to the party.

Of course the classic strawberry tower had to be the center piece.  This year’s new additions were chocolate dipped raspberries  and individual tiramisu shooters.  How fun are these things!?!  This might be the only way I make tiramisu from now on!  and we can’t have the Oscar Party dessert table without chocolate covered Oscars

With all the desserts on their own table, the savory table had some room to breath.  Plenty of room for the signature party drink the twisted cosmo and tons of delicious food!  The new addition this year was hummus three ways – I’ll have to give you a full write up on that one in another post.  Then we had a tons of “food on a stick” because, as my friend Laura says, everyone loves food on a stick.  Two kinds of kabobs: Ginger Soy Chicken and Balsamic Rosemary BeefMore food on a stick – antipasto skewers

Delicious Greek cucumber cups
 and prosciutto asparagus spirals – thank you Pinterest!  then of course an Oscar Party staple: spanakopita Then on the coffee table, a few more nibbles for the seated party guests.  You really can’t have an Oscar Party without brie!  Some fab prizes for the game winners this year helped with the party decorations too  and a good time was had by all……good thing I take off from work the day after this party! The dishes take almost all day 🙂  Already planning for next year!



5 thoughts on “Oscar Party Wrap Up

  1. Lovely! And yummy. I thought of you and your party as I watched the Oscars Sunday evening!
    no help with the dishes on Monday?
    XO, Marilyn 🙂

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