Oscar Party Votives

I made these a few years ago for Oscar party and they have really stood the test of time.  They help to wash the room in a sparkly glow and they are so easy to make I decided I needed more for this year.  Supplies are simple: Pick up a few straight-sided glass votives – I got mine at Wal-Mart for 0.98 cents a piece – and some sparkly red chenille pipe cleaners.  A hair elastic and some wire snips (or a pair of scissors that you don’t care about) are all the tools you need for these votives. 

Cut the pipe cleaners into thirds.  You don’t have to be too particular – you’re going for an uneven look.  Be sure to leave a whole piece to finish off the votive. 

Slip the hair elastic over the votive and then begin tucking pipe cleaners behind the hair elastic.  Keep going until you’re all the way around the votive glass.

Grab that extra pipe cleaner you set aside and wrap it around the votive.  Give it a quick twist and clip the ends. Then remove the hair elastic.

You’re done!  For just about $1.50 a piece I’ve got adorable votives to scatter about the room and give that spark-ly party glow.


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5 thoughts on “Oscar Party Votives

  1. I am just curious in the finished picture it appears to have lights inside the glass…I really like that are there lights? How did you get them in there. I read your how to instructions and didn’t see it so I had to ask. Love the idea super simple.

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