Oscar Party Menu

I’m so excited Oscar Party is almost here!!

I sat down and did some serious menu planning this weekend.  I decided this year it’s time to break out to a dessert-only table.  This just gives me more room at the main table and forces a few people to circulate into other parts of the house since it’s getting pretty crowded in that main great room area.

So let’s start with the dessert plans (because you know you want to start there):

First up, the star of the show – Gold Dusted Chocolate Oscars 

And the second star of the show: The chocolate strawberry tower:

Some crowd tested favorites: Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt 

Then a bit of Pinterest inspiration with Chocolate Dipped Raspberries 

and Tiramisu Shooters 

Now on to the savories.  At the main table, I’ll have one of my Oscar Party standards: Spanakopita 

Hummus Three Ways: White, Roasted Pine Nut and Black Bean.  If Top Chef can have everything three ways, then I think it’s reasonable that I do too.  I plan to put each hummus in individual mini glasses pre-stocked with crudités.  Thank goodness for cheap glasses at the Ace Mart restaurant supply!

Greek Cucumber Cups

More Pinterest inspiration: Proscuitto Asparagus Spirals 

Ginger Soy Chicken Mini Kabobs 

Rosemary Balsamic Mini Kabobs 

Antipasta Skewers (I love me some Pinterest!)

Then over to the coffee table in the prime time TV viewing location.  Guess what?  I’ll put more food there too!  Starting with Paula Deen’s Sugar and Nut Glazed Brie.  Can you really go wrong with anything that has brie in it?  No, especially since you soak those nuts in brandy for 24 hours in advance of that party……mmmm!

Classic, can’t live without Dill Dip with Crudités

and finally to round out the table, Cheese, Crackers and Grapes.

But Oscar Party isn’t completed without it’s signature cocktail…..the Twisted Cosmo!

So friends, I hope you’re seriously hungry ’cause I’m already cooking up a storm!  I’ve pinned all these to my Oscar Party board on Pinterest along with a few other party ideas in case you’re planning your own shindig.


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