I Pinned It and Made It

It seems like everyone is obsessed with Pinterest nowadays! I must admit, the bug has bitten me too.  It has become the number two hole that I throw time into after Facebook.

After months of pinning I found myself in the same spot so many pinners do, tons of ideas and nothing to show for it!  I needed to transition myself from this motto:Into something a little more reasonable like: 

So I vowed to actually start working on all those great ideas that I’ve collected on all my boards.  As an inspiration, I’ve created a new board on Pinterest.

Yes, I realize that sounds ironic.

But it’s not!

Because this is the board of things I’ve pinned and made.  Oh yeah.  I am actually making my pins happen.

Here is my most recent addition:

I saw this personalized state pillow by Red Envelope and thought it looked really cool. But yowzer!  Check out that price tag!  And the wall art version starts at $79.95.  But I thought I could make a knock off so I pinned it.

And here it is ladies and gents: my very own personalized state wall hanging that I made for my sister-in-law for Christmas.

A little bit of quality time with Photoshop, a frame from Target and I’ve got myself an awesome knockoff for less than $15!  Best of all, I pinned it and made it!  Check out all of the other fun things that I’ve made and the pins that inspired me on my I Pinned it and Made it board on Pinterest.



1 thought on “I Pinned It and Made It

  1. Oooohhhh, I love it! I still haven’t gotten on the Pinterest bandwagon. Guess it’s time. Another time waster…just what I need!

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