Creating a Travel Photo Memento

I like to cap my big trips with my Madre by giving her a photo memento of our journey for Christmas.  This year’s trip to Turkey was just amazing and I knew I had to do better than just putting a picture in a frame.

So I picked out my favorite picture – when we were wandering the streets of Antalya in the rain – and I found a map of Turkey.  I also picked up a few map pins and grabbed some embroidery floss as well as a shadow box frame.

I put the picture with the map in the frame and stuck a map pin in each of the cities we visited together in Turkey.

I then strung embroidery floss between all the pins to show our travels through the country. I fitted the backing into the frame and discovered that these map pins are just a bit too long – they ended up poking out a little bit on the back.  I capped each one on the back so no one would get cut and called it a day.

Easy and amazing.  I love this totally personalized gift!  I might have to make one of these for myself!


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