Paint Chip Art

The work on the guest room continues!  I saw the Ung Drill frame at Ikea (you know the one) and thought it went really well with the curves on the black metal bed frame in the room.  I picked it up thinking I would put a picture I had taken in Paris in the frame and then I got home and realized THIS IS A REALLY BIG FRAME!

Now I know why I always just see this frame on the wall empty with nothing inside of it……

Not to be deterred, I’ve been seeing tons of fun paint chip art over on Pinterest.  So I thought I’d meld the paint chip concept with this fish scale art concept and I’d have a winner.  Plus, since this room happens to have a blue and white double wedding ring quilt on the bed, I thought mixing a range of blue colors in the art would echo the colors in the quilt.

Off to Wal-Mart to pick up the essentials – tons of paint chips in blue! 

I’ve already got the frame, circle cutter and glue sticks needed for the project.

So get to cutting!  I found that only the larger paint chips would allow me to cut the 2″ circles I wanted to use for this project.  I could get about three circles out of each chip and I needed A LOT of circles.  A lot, as in three trips to Wal-Mart to casually pick up paint chips.  You know, casually.  But soon, I had a lovely stack of chips all ready to go!

You’ll note, they are not all perfect circles because they didn’t need to be – part of them are covered by the next row.

Break out the glue stick and get to work.  Sticking and stacking. I just used the paper provided in the frame as my surface to glue all the chips down.

I used the off-cuts as filler in a few spots.  Pretty soon you’ll be all done!  Now on to the trimming!  ‘Cause it won’t fit in the frame unless you trim (you know I know because I tried). Just flip it over and use the paper as your cutting guide. Then slip it into your frame and your masterpiece is complete!  It looks awesome in the guest room and is wicked hard to take a picture of because the plastic in the frame is so reflective (you can kind of see the bed frame reflected if you look really hard).  I don’t think the good people at Ikea ever actually intended for you to put anything in the frame because when I went to close up the back three of the metal prongs broke off!  Oh well, there are enough on there to keep my art in!

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5 thoughts on “Paint Chip Art

  1. agreed! i bought that frame because i loved it and had the saem issue with the metal clips breaking off. managed to barely get it to hold my pic (oddly also a picture of paris my parents took) and dropped it as i was putting it up and the plastic just shattered….probably one of the most disappointing thing i bought in a long time. yours looks great though by the way. love that you can make anything coordinate when your using paint chips! also love that theyre free!

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