Perfect Bread – Every Meal

With a title like that, I’m sure you think this post will be all about the finer points of kneading and baking homemade bread.

Definitely not.  In fact, I hesitate to even categorize this as “cooking” or put it up on the blog, but Heather tells me it’s a good tip so here ya go.

Bread is just one of those things that I’ve never been able to master (along with the perfect sugar cookie) so I pick it up at the store.  We don’t have a ton of awesome bakeries here in Austin and I definitely don’t like what the big box grocery stores are pumping out.  But after much searching, I’ve discovered that my favorite bread is La Brea’s rosemary and olive oil.  I used to be able to find it at Target but now it’s only available at CostCo. Of course since it’s available only at Costco, it comes in a two pack.

That’s a lot of bread, even for a dedicated carb-lover like me.  And you know it never tastes as good on the second or even third day….so here’s what I do to have perfect bread for every meal.  I come right home and break out my cutting board and some ziplock bags.

I slice up both loaves and put them in Ziplock bags.  Admittedly, I usually eat those two little end pieces – you know as a “cook’s treat”.  This is hard work I’m doing here people!

Ready for the freezer! 

When you’re ready for it, just pull out a slice or two and toast it up.  It will taste perfect and delicious!  It’s like magic.  Perfect bread for every meal.



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