Ribbon Lined Curtains

Happy New Year!

It’s a time of new starts and one of my projects this year is making over the guest room.  Well to be totally honest, this was one of my projects last year.  But this year I resolve to not take on too much at once 🙂  So I’ll start by finishing out last year’s projects.

For these curtains, I used Ikea’s Ritva curtains and several yards of black ribbon from Hobby Lobby which I picked up when it was on 50% off. 

I measured and hemmed the curtains to the right length. 

And then did a bit of fixing ’cause you know I measured wrong on one of ’em.  Oh well, we’ll put that one on the side where you can’t see that mistake 🙂

I then pinned and pinned and pinned until I was completely out of pins!  

I wrapped the edge of the ribbon a 1/4″ around to the backside to make sure no white edging would show through.  I then simply stitched up each side.

Since I’m using the rod pocket on these curtains, I used the hem tape provided in the curtain kit to finish up. Just slip them on to a curtain rod and you’re done.  Great Pottery Barn knock off curtains!  They add a wonderful presence and height to the small room. 



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