Monogrammed Purse Tag

I just love monograms, they add instant personalization to any gift.  As I was coming down to the wire in my bag making exploits this year, I decided I’d make a Buttercup Bag for Caroline – just like the one I made for Eleanor.  To mix it up a bit I changed up the monogram: Rather than sewing it to the bag, I thought I’d make a monogramed purse tag.  What can I say?  There are no original ideas, I was inspired by the one on my coach purse.

I grabbed a few fabric scraps from the purse, some stiff cardboard (I just used the cardboard from a writing tablet), heat and bond, a ball and chain key ring and a grommet from the collection of scrapbooking supplies I still have buried in my house. 

I picked out my letter font and set to work.  For this bag, I decided to make my tag 1 3/4″ by 1 3/4″.  I rounded the corners of the cardboard a bit after cutting them out.

I started by cutting out my letter and Heat and Bonding it to the pink fabric swatch.

I then appliquéd down the letter.  Now let’s be honest, Santa was a bit under the gun and it wasn’t the finest work turned out of the workshop this year….but you get the idea.

I then attached the pink swatch to one of my pieces of cardboard using Heat and Bond.  I folded down the corners first and then folded in the sides.

Finish and repeat for the fabric scrap that will be the back of the tag.

I then took these two pieces, placed them back-to-back and stitched them together on my sewing machine with minimal protest from the machine. 

On to hole punching!  I pulled out my grommet setting kit from scrapbook land. 

Positioned the punch and whacked a hole in there.  I then set the backside. Fabulous.  Now let’s add that ball and chain key ring (available in the leather crafting section of the craft store….I know, I would never have guessed either but I got a pack of like 20 for $1.99 there)  And the purse is adorable with it’s finishing touch!  Perfectly coordinated cute-ness doesn’t necessarily have to have the best appliqué work to be just fab.  And the best part, according to Heather, is that she can just detach that “C” and take the bag out for girls night 😉  I fully approve!



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