Gingerbread House Party Menu & Wrap Up

It was another year of FURIOUS competition at gingerbread house party.  Every year I’m so impressed how people step it up in the face of such stiff competition!  We had four teams with about 40 competitors and kids total – it was a full house! 

(PS – Mandy Nevin – that is totally Georgia getting busted in the middle of this picture feeding the dog people food….)

This whole party is sugar overload so I try to get savory snacks to munch on:

Ok, ok there were a few sweet snacks too….I can’t have a Christmas party at my house with out my traditional Christmas time treats of Danish almond cookies and Gingersnaps

Oh and we can’t forget the fudge

Or the gift fudge that I give to each of the competitors as a thank you for coming

You know, it’s really just the basics 🙂

But forget the food, this party is about competition!

Everyone was totally into it, bringing loads of supplies and great plans for their houses!

Even the kids had a house to work on while the adults competed.

We ended up with a Penguin’s Playground complete with marshmallow polar bears and a slide into the pool for the penguins to splash around.

A Summer Retreat with banana tree outback, a fire pit on the beach, snowmen with spaghetti arms and little surfers out on the water.

A “green” gingerbread house complete with windmill and broccoli for bushes.  Oh and let’s not forget the asparagus trees planted in Reeces cup planters!

But the winner was another green design which included solar panels, an electric car, windmill out front, water retention pond and a second floor bed room with “bamboo” flooring.

I have no idea how folks are going to top this next year!




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