Race for the Cure Wrap Up

We had an amazing time in the survivor’s tent at Race for the Cure this year!  I think it was all the details and hard work the entire committee put into the event that made it happen!

Some of the highlights on the decoration front included:

The hanging of all those paper pom poms and word phrases

They looked a little ragged on the day of, but the impact still came across.  I hung them when the tent was set up on Friday and in between then and race time we had 20-35 mile per hour winds….since there are no walls on the tent I was happy to see them still there at all!!

We had chalk artists come and draw a pink carpet that led survivors straight into our tent:

Once they arrived we had chalk directions on the ground that pointed to the highlights of the tent including: Goodie bag pick up (if they had missed out before the race), face painting, photo booth, massage chairs and of course, breakfast!

This was a great last minute add when we realized we were working with such a large area!  An improvement for next year might be to have the directions posted on a sign post for folks to check out when they walk in – that way it’s at eye level.

The photo booth was a hit!  I didn’t leave the area the whole time I was so busy taking pictures for people with their cameras or cell phones.  We did have two stations set up.  First we had a white backdrop with the fringey ribbon:

We miscalculated a bit on the white background fabric but saved the day with some excess table skirt.  One of the members on the committee had her husband build the structure out of PVC pipe – they were pretty genius.  The finished size was approximately 8’x10′.

So that one looked great, but this one…..we’ll not so much

So sad!  It was like a creepy haunted house crepe paper disaster!  The inspiration looked like this:

So effortless and wonderful…..yeah what a disaster!  It was SUPER humid on race day and you know what paper is not a fan of?  that’s right, it’s water.  On the one or two pictures we got in before it totally fell apart it looked GREAT.  But lesson learned.  Use fabric for this sort of backdrop outdoors!

It was the props in the photo booth area that made it so fun.  We had pom poms, tiaras, mustaches, crowns and lips on sticks, empty frames but by far the two most popular props were the year badges:

and the sashes:

On the year badges we went up to 22 and happily had to figure out a way to make a 34 for someone!  For the sashes we had two Survivor sashes, and one each of the following: My Mom, Co-Survivor, My Hero, Champ and Co-Star.  We’ll add a My Sister for next year’s race.

Loads of ideas and inspiration for next year!



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