Race for the Cure Decorations Making Party

Well now that I have all these ideas for decorations for the Race for the Cure Survivor’s tent, I need some help getting them implemented before the race.  So a few weeks ago I hosted a decorations making party at my house.  I set up four project stations:

Fringey Ribbon Making: For the party, I created the base of the six foot tall ribbon in advance.  Using the method I described in my fringey crepe paper decoration post, I traced the shape onto foam core, cut it out pieced it together and spray painted it pink.  To make a ribbon this size, I needed four pieces of foam core and an entire can of spray paint.

At the party, one dedicated volunteer fringed crepe paper for three hours!  It really is a big ribbon.  Surprisingly, the crepe paper really went a long way – We only used one giant roll of light pink and half of a roll of dark pink for the giant ribbon plus two additional smaller ribbons.

I spent the entire party gluing down the crepe paper that was cut out.  I ran through one giant glue stick and two additional glue sticks to get the job done!  The end result is definitely worth it!  I think this ribbon will look awesome as a backdrop for photos on the day of the race.

Photobooth: At this station we created props.  In advance of the party, I spray painted the off-cuts of foam core from the ribbon project.  I found some great tiaras/crowns and lips/mustache printables at Oh Happy Day and Barefoot Beads (Hawaii).  I printed a few of the images on card stock and used spray adhesive to attach them to the painted foam core.  I also picked up a few dowels and spray painted them as well.

On the day of the party, several volunteers carefully cut out each little delicate curve and then hot glued and taped a dowel to the prop.  In the mean time, I spray painted two terra cotta pots pink and picked up some play sand to use as a prop holder.  Additionally folks donated pom poms, sashes, jackets, tiaras. 

Pom Pom Making: Ahh paper folding.  I first tried this out for my Oscar Party last year and it was a hit.  It’s a lot of impact for a little money.  I picked up about 75 packages of tissue paper.  At a $1 a pop, it does add up, but we’ve got a 40’x40′ to decorate along with an extended seating area!  It’s a lot of ground to cover!  Using this tutorial from Martha Stewart, we folded, folded, folded.  I find that one package with 10 sheets of tissue paper can make three small sized pom poms or one large pom pom.

At the party we were able to make about a dozen pom poms….there is certainly a lot more folding ahead to create the centerpiece of the tent! 

And Phrase Stringing: I’ve already cut out all the phrases before the decorating party.  All we needed to do was string them on fishing line as I did in this previous post.  Unfortunately we got too wrapped up in all the other decorations and these got neglected!  More work ahead! 

A party wouldn’t be a party without food!  My menu include:


An army marches on it’s stomach and we spent about four hours working on decorations that day so we needed all that tasty food 🙂



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