Spooktacular Mini-Oreo Bats

Happy Halloween!

Sunday was my night for family dinner and ever since the implementation of the Vixen diet, dessert has been scant in my household.  My new favorite after dinner treat of a bowl of pineapple isn’t really going over big with the seven year old set.

It’s Halloween and we’ve got to celebrate so I picked up a small bag of mini Oreos at the store.  Sure, full size Oreos are great, but aren’t they just cuter in mini form?  Plus these kids are about to get the mother load of candy, we only needed a small treat!

I had seen some great Oreo Halloween pops at The Idea Room and I knew I could whip out some adorable mini versions.
I dug around in my cabinets for the required materials: Sprinkles, chocolate and some construction paper and I set to work. Simply dunk the Oreo in a bit of meltable chocolate and apply sprinkle mouths with fangs, eyes and wings while the chocolate is setting up.I freehand cut the bag wings, but this is something that you could easily create out of chocolate as well.  I won’t lie, sprinkle application is a bit tedious since they are so small, so thank goodness this is only a “snack” sized bag!  I even left a few “blank” with no faces and I think that look worked as well.

They turned out stinkin’ adorable.  I used several different color sprinkles for the eyes and they all have a creepy cast.  Best of all, the crowd approved!

And there are no leftovers, it’s easy for four people to work through a snack sized bag of mini Oreos and not feel like they’ve had too much.

I think you can just hear that last bat looking at the pile of discarded wings and thinking – “oh no!  Where did everyone go?!”



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