Salty-Sweet Halloween Bark

It’s a documented fact that pretzels and chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Delicious.  As I was whipping up a few dishes for the decorations party, I decided I needed a sweet Halloween treat.  Chocolate and pretzels are a good start, but I needed more.

At this time of year candy corn is as ubiquitous Fall leaves changing color so you know I have some in my cupboard.  Now, as much as I love candy corn, after about 10 pieces I can get sweeted-out (You know, until 5 minutes later when I go back for another handful….).  The pretzels are the perfect foil to balance the sugar shock of the candy corns.   Halloween candy + pretzels + chocolate = a winning combination.

I picked up the extensive ingredients list for this treat:

  • 24 oz Dark chocolate
  • 2 Cups mini-twists pretzels
  • 1 Cup candy corn + 1 Cup for eating while you are making the bark

Using the same method I used to make jelly bean bark, I heated the chocolate and spread it on to my baking sheet lined with Silpat.  I then sprinkled the pretzels and candy corn, pressing in gently so they would set in the chocolate.

After the chocolate was hard, I broke the bark into pieces.  This is best eaten the day it’s prepared.  If you have leftovers, seal in an air tight container so the pretzels won’t lose their crisp.



3 thoughts on “Salty-Sweet Halloween Bark

  1. I love the salty pretzel / chocolate combo. Never thought of doing it myself. What fun! Not sure I will be able to get hold of corn candy here in the UK though 😦

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