Candy Corn Brownies

What to do on Columbus Day with kids home from school? Bake! They love to help, and if I can keep my son’s hands out of the candy, sprinkles, chocolate chips long enough… we can usually get a finished product ready for a special treat or dessert.

I’ve had these mini muffin cup papers for over a year now, and haven’t used them… sad, isn’t it?

We used a boxed brownie mix… Ghiradelli if you must know (they are the best!). The left side of the pan has a candy corn in the bottom of the cup, and the right, well obviously had one on top. This was also an experiment… will the candy corn sink? Melt? Burn?

Fill the cups 2/3 full and bake at 325 degrees for 10-15 minutes… depending on your oven. Let them cool a few minutes and then using a small offset spatula, pull them out of the pan.

Here they are… Beautiful candy corn brownies!!

Oh, you wanted to know the results of my experiment?

Are you sure?

It might not be what you expected…. (Or maybe it was….)

Why yes, candy corn do melt and sink into the batter! To be honest, they stayed whole & right on top for about 80% of the baking time. That last few minutes really did them in… boo. 😦 So I can clearly mark this as a combined FAIL & success. The brownies still taste amazing!! And the candy corn that was on the bottom? Well, completely melted and unrecognizable. Which altered my baking time due to extra liquid sugar in the bottom of the brownies! Again, still edible and very delicious!

So, my dear husband walked by, plopped a new-from-the-bag candy corn on top, and called it GOOD! So learn from my experiment (how can I call this a mistake?), and wait until the brownies are cooked before adding your pretty little candy corn on top. Your kids will love these, and so will you!



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