Pattern Review – Simplicity 2270

Do you have those projects that you pick up and think to yourself, this is gonna be soooo easy.  That’s exactly what I thought when I picked up this dress pattern: it’s gonna be soooo easy!

Patterns were on sale and I thought Simplicity 2270 would be a quick summer dress pattern for some hot Texas weather.

I decided to make the dress in view B, size 4, without the ruffle on the neckline so I found a blue dot pattern and a crisp white.  I thought I’d make a contrasting collar with the white fabric rather than keep the dress all one pattern/color.

I unfolded the tissues and was rewarded with something every pattern sewer likes to see – the pattern doesn’t even fill a whole tissue!  This is gonna be a breeze.  I bet my dog could even sew this dress!

I quickly laid out my fabric and got to cutting.

Loads of fabric leftover.  Granted I purchased this fabric for another project so I shouldn’t be too surprised that I have excess.

I then dove head long into pocket making.  I think I read the directions on this section about three times.  And they still didn’t make a ton of sense.  But a fold here and a clip there and I had some adorable pockets!  Excellent, let’s move on to the collar and sleeves.

I gotta get this out right now: I think the sleeve treatment on this dress is funky.  Why did you make me do all that work on the pocket and then I’m just going to sew some seam tape over the sleeves?  It shouldn’t be too hard to make a real seam here – I’m sure that you could alter the pattern a bit by cutting a bit broader on the sleeve hole to make this happen.

I didn’t mind it too much as I had already decided to put on a white collar and white seam tape coordinated nicely.  However, if you are using a pattern for the dress and collar and you don’t make your own seam tape, it might be a bit odd/mismatched.

The other thing about the seam tape is that it’s really hard to get the tape to lie flat.  I clipped many curves and used loads of pins to make this happen.  But it did happen.

Excellent it’s really starting to look like a dress!  I turned it right side out to admire my progress and realized I had a bit of a problem.  Um, are the pockets supposed to be on the inside of the dress???

Well damn.

All my will power to work on this project is gone.

I’m going to set it aside…

you know for like three months and not think about it.

At all.

Stupid pocket.

When they said to fold the right side of the pocket, I didn’t realized the meant the right side of the pocket on the front of the dress….there are two right sides of the fabric when you’re working on it…..when you think about it.

Time passed.

I made like a bajillon other sewing projects.  Now I’m about to leave for vacation so I’m trying to work down my P.H.D. (Projects Half Done) and I realized that working on this dress would be waaaaay better than working on packing for my trip.

So I ripped out the side seams and the pocket seams, folded down the right side of the dress front rather than the right side of the pocket and I re-sewed the side seams.  Joy.

A pocket that’s on the outside of the dress…..rather than secret pockets which I’m sure Caroline would find a way to populate with dinner foods that she didn’t want to eat.  Ahhh, it’s all down hill now.  Until I worked on the collar.

Now I can judge a 1/4″ seam, but I have trouble folding up exactly 5/8″ all the way around a curved collar.  So I take to cheating.I stitched a line 5/8″ around the edge of the collar and then just folded along the line.

There: A perfect 5/8″ fold all the way around 🙂

It really was a breeze after the collar was attached.  Even with my screw ups, this project really only took me a few hours.  I could see making another dress, but perhaps I will alter that shoulder seam….

Pattern Description: 
Little’s girl’s sundress with option for jacket and bag

Pattern Sizing & Selection
3, 4, 5, and 6.  I made size 4.  After fitting this on Caroline, I think it’s just a bit snug….or the girl is growing.

Finished Product As Advertised?

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Pocket instructions needed some help….or I needed some help.  Either way, pocket fail on the first attempt.  Everything else was very straightforward.

Pattern Adjustments:
Consider making your own seam tape for the sleeves or modify the pattern to sew a proper arm hole.

Fabric Used:
Lightweight cotton

Recommended!  How can I not recommend it with less than one tissue of pattern pieces to cut out?!  Just don’t screw up the pocket and you’ll have this knocked out in an hour or two.

Here’s a peek at the final product:


3 thoughts on “Pattern Review – Simplicity 2270

  1. I have this pattern and was unsure about the pocket instructions. Your blog post came up in my search for help. I don’t mind the pocket being on the inside but I hope it comes out okay.

  2. I wish I’d seen this pattern review before I started sewing this dress for my grand-daughter ! I made exactly the same mistake with the wretched pockets by following the instructions to the letter as I thought. Instruction number 1 is ambiguous – it just needs clarification and all would be well. I have abandoned it for today but will attempt a rescue operation tomorrow.
    Rebecca, I hope yours turned out well.

  3. I’m currently making this dress and did the same thing with the pocket!! Now that I see where I might have gone wrong I’m going to reread it. Fingers crossed!

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