Animal Themed Baby Shower Cake Balls

The title just sounds delicious right?  I volunteered to make some of my new obsession for Denise’s shower – cake balls.  It really wasn’t a hardship as I want the cake ball practice!  I toyed with the idea of somehow trying decorate the cake balls with the animals from the fabric I used to make all her gifts, but I felt like that was just too over the top.  Even for me.  Luckily as I was digging through my collection of cake supplies, I ran across these Wilton Noah’s Arc mini cookie cutters – perfect! I had to use them.

I started off by baking a standard, right out of the box, red velvet cake a day in advance.  I left it out to dry out overnight (no problem in our current state of super low humidity) and then crumbled the cake.  The cake was really dry!  I ended up adding almost a cup of cream cheese icing before I could get the proper clumping factor on the cake balls.  Once I was satisfied with the cake/icing mixture, I set it in the refrigerator to chill out for a couple of hours.

In the mean time, I went to work creating my cake ball decorations.  I heated some dark chocolate Wilton Candy Melts and spread a thin layer on a sheet pan covered with a Siltpat mat and a piece of waxed paper.  Why the waxed paper?  I don’t know, ’cause I didn’t really need it.

(As an aside, if you don’t own a Silpat mat, please go out and get one today.  They are awesome.  That is all.)  Once the chocolate had set, I went to work using the cookie cutters to make individual chocolate animals.

I pealed off the excess chocolate and threw it into a tub to reserve for my next chocolate making adventure.

Time passed.  I went to the gym.  I had a brief thought of doing the dishes instead, but decided they could wait.

When I got back, the cake/icing mixture was nicely chilled.  I pulled out my trusty cake ball spoon and set to work making cake balls.  The batch made approximately three dozen cake balls – and since it was cream cheese icing, they were super rich!  The only casualty I had was Red Velvet Hand 

I melted some blue Wilton Candy Melts and the cake balls all took the plunge.   

I know, I know that’s a glass bowl and plastic bowls are better for melting the Candy Melts, but all the plastic bowls were dirty….see note about dishes above.

Once I had them coated in the blue, I picked up an animal shape and topped them off. 

Aren’t they adorable!?  And pretty easy to make, I think the hardest part is doing those dishes!  

More cake balls coming your way soon!



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