Making Rattle Toys

Well I couldn’t just stop with a squeaky toy now could I?  I’ve got loads of animal shapes so I figured there was plenty of opportunity to make a rattle toy too.  This time I went for the elephant made out of my primary animal print and coordinating fabric.

Heather donated a plastic egg to the rattle cause and I loaded it with some popcorn kernels and taped it shut: instant rattle.  To create the pattern for my elephant, I applied the same method I used to create my squeaky toy pattern.

I thought the elephant looked a bit dull so I picked up a few scraps of terry cloth for an ear and tusk.  I free hand cut out the shapes and appliqued them on to the elephant.  Then I stitched on a little eye: now he really has personality.

I placed the fabrics right sides together and stitched around the outside leaving a reinforced opening for stuffing.  I turned my little elephant and filled him with stuffing and my rattle egg then stitched him closed.  Super cute, he fits right in with the rest of the crowd.  I love the extra texture the terry cloth gives to the toy.

So what was Denise’s total baby shower present haul you ask?  OK, admittedly I went a little sewing crazy and made:


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