Making Squeaky Toys

I was inspired by the animal print I picked up for Denise’s baby shower presents and decided to make a few cute animal toys to go in the nursery.  I grabbed the animal print and a coordinating fabric, some batting and a squeaker to get this project started.

I searched high and low on the internet to try to find a squeaker for purchase but I didn’t have any luck.  I finally decided to break down and steal a squeaker from a dog toy.  I found that the Kong stuffed animals came with a removable squeaker AND a spare squeaker!  Two for just $2.75…..that’s just hours of fun Pet Smart.  I’ll take that, thank you very much.

To create the animal toy pattern, I drew my images straight from the print by blowing up an animal by 1000% on a copier.  Once I had it printed out, I decided I wanted the image to be the finished size of my turtle.  I laid my image down on a piece of printer paper and traced about a 1/2″ seam allowance around the shape.

I cut out my pattern and used it to cut out the two halves of my turtle – one in the inspiration print and the other in the coordinating print.  The coordinating print was a bit blah so I decided to jazz it up by adding in the darker spots on the turtle shell as well as his eye.  I free hand cut the shell spots and appliquéd them to the turtle.

Now he’s ready for final assembly.  I placed the two halves right sides together and stitched around the edge with a 1/4″ seam leaving a reinforced opening in the turtle belly.

Don’t be lazy (like me) clip all those curves and the corners around the legs to make sure everything will fall right when you turn it – you don’t want the legs shooting off in funny directions!

Now just turn, stuff (making sure to put that squeaker in there!) and sew the opening closed.

And there you go – one soft, squeaky, perfectly coordinated stuffed animal ideal for baby shower gifting!  Now all Denise has to do is figure out how to make sure this stays a baby’s toy and doesn’t get stolen by her dog Jenkins!

Given the amount of interest my dogs has when I was making this toy, I’ll just say…..good luck with that!



3 thoughts on “Making Squeaky Toys

  1. These are adorable!! Everything Martta made is just lovely and so special for baby Isaac. Jenkins the schnauzer is definitely curious though – he loves squeaky toys! Keeping this on a high shelf for now:-)

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