Baby Crinkle Toy

After coming up with a few presents for friends having baby showers recently, I was ready to branch out and try something new.  Digging through the pile of leftover materials in my supply, I ran across the wrapping that I used on Jane’s “cheese cake”.  It’s the stuff used to wrap gift baskets – you’ll find it in the gift wrapping section of the hobby/craft store.  I remember it having a very loud crinkly quality and thought I could repurpose it to make a baby crinkle toy.  Take that inspiration and sprinkle in a bit of taggy baby blanket and my obsession with all things monogram and we have a totally awesome personalized baby crinkle toy.

So I grabbed my fabric, a bit of extra minky, ribbon, batting, the crinkle-y wrapping and a giant letter I and got to work.

I picked a font I liked and printed out a letter as big as I could make it on my printer.  I then added a half inch seam allowance all around the sides to my pattern and cut out two layers of batting, one minky, one animal print and two crinkle layers.  Before cutting out the crinkle, I balled it all up.  I thought this might give it an extra cranky quality.

If you don’t have handy crinkle wrap, this would be a great way to recycle a plastic grocery bag.  Just pick the bag that has the loudest crinkle when you ball it up!

I cut several sections of ribbon 5″ long.  There is no rhyme or reason to the fact that I cut out eight ribbons, I just thought it looked nice when I laid them out.  I think if I’d been doing the letter S I might have had all the ribbons on one side and a T might have all the ribbons coming out the top, perhaps an L would have all the ribbons bursting out of each of the ends.  Have fun and pick what works best with your letter and font.

With all my pieces cut, it was time to get to sandwich making.  Since the crinkle fabric is slippery, I decided to layer and sew that half of the “sandwich” first.  I put down both crinkle layers and covered them with batting.  I wanted the crinkle layers to be as close to the outside of the finished product so I put them right up against the animal print fabric – I figured it would make more noise this way.

To the other half of the “sandwich” I layered the batting, minky and ribbons on top.  Since this side was minky, I used a lot of pins to make sure it wouldn’t jump around too much.  I then sewed up each side – the crinkle and the minky/ribbons with a 1/4″ seam.

Next, I pinned the layers right sides together for final assembly, making sure to tuck the ribbons in so they wouldn’t be caught by the 1/2″ seam I sewed around the letter.  I left a small opening for turning, back stitching at either end to reinforce the seam.

Once I had the letter sewn together, I clipped the corners so the letter would lay flat when I turned it.  After turning and pressing out each of the corners, I pinned the opening closed and edge stitched all the way around the letter.  Done!

It’s a wonderfully personalized gift for baby Isaac!


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