Binky Leash

Every sewer loves a good scrap-buster project.  A project that helps to clean up those little bits of fabric that are just enough to save, but not quite big enough for another full sized project.  When I ran across this binky leash tutorial, I knew I had to bust up my ooey gooey pink scraps with a binky leash.  I grabbed what little remained of my fabric and a snap setter and some pearl snaps and set to work.

The tutorial recommends cutting the strip 3″ wide and pressing in 1/2″ before folding in half.  As we all know, I’m lazy.  Making sure that I press exactly 1/2″ from both sides, seems like effort.  I decided it’d be tons easier if I just cut my strip 4″ wide.  This way I could press my strip in half and then fold the edges in and press again.

You’ll end up with a leash that is 1″ wide whichever method you choose, mine just calls for less measuring.

Once the piece is folded, edge stitch around the three sides, leaving one unfinished.

The Sew4Home website has a great tutorial on installing snaps.  In just a few minutes, I was all wrapped up with this binky leash.

This is a great project for using up scraps!  It’s the perfect topper to the rest of Sandra’s baby shower gift!



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