A “Cheese Cake” for Jane

So today is my friend Jane’s unmentionable round number birthday.  We wracked our brains for a clever gift to give to someone who we knew would receive lots of goodies from friends.  We were stumped until we realized as a Wisconsinite and dedicated cheese head, that the answer was right in front of us: Packer tickets.  And then we realized there’s no way in Hell we’re coming up with that money PLUS airfare!  So we settled on second best: a cake.  But not just any ole cake – a cheese cake!

This little number set us back about $60, but I assembled it in about 20 minutes.  How easy is that?  Just go to the fancy cheese section of the store and pick up enough wedges to make a round “cake”.  Pick up crackers, candles, some cake rounds, wrapping and ribbon and you’re ready to get started.

Cover the cake rounds to make them extra fancy.  Then arrange your cheese wedges into a cake to test the fit.

Pull out each wedge and tape candles to the side, then replace them in the cake.  Don’t be ghetto like me, remember to cut off the price or cover it up!

Next secure the cake with by taping a ribbon around the edge.  This also gives you an opportunity to squeeze the cake down a bit to make sure you’ve got a nice round shape.  But don’t pull too hard – that brie is soft!

Lay down the plastic wrapping and place your cake on top.  You may want to tape down a few wedges to the cake board to make sure it doesn’t shift in transit.  Then lay a ring of crackers around the edge of your cake to finish off the decorations.

How cute is that?

Wrap it up and add the curled ribbons and card and you’re ready to go!  One magnificent “cheese cake”!


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4 thoughts on “A “Cheese Cake” for Jane

  1. Wow Martta! This is a wonderful and so very thoughtful birthday gift. Is this your design?
    I’m going to have to think more creatively like YOU! Marilyn 🙂

  2. that is just such a great idea… I think it’s funny though , I searched WordPress for other cake websites…and found your site, not what I was looking for, but glad I found it. Very great idea :).

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